Did Trey Ball turn down a chance at pro basketball for the Red Sox

Scott Levesque
Managing Editor

Last night my eyes were glued to the soft afterglow of a computer screen eagerly awaiting the announcement of the Red Sox first round pick - at number seven their highest draft pick since 1993. As I sat in what some consider a cheap LazyBoy substitute I was reminded of an old and deliberately annoying cliche: Good things come to those who wait.

I say annoying because usually those who "wait" seem a lot like unsuspecting bystanders as life, opportunity and fun pass them by - in hopes that something good will exit the highway of life and onto their off ramp.

Alright, enough observation regarding the human condition. Let's talk about the number seven pick in the MLB draft, Trey Ball.

Immediately following the Red Sox first round selection of Ball I tweeted this out to the international Twittersphere, and after further review maybe my tweet wasn't that far off.
As any good journalist is trained to do I began uncovering the story that is Trey Ball. My college professors would be proud to know I used a primary resource, Youtube. (For those of who immune to sarcasm that last sentence would fall under the "sarcasm" category.)

Upon scouring the interwebs for Trey Ball information I came across this little ditty. Armed with appears to be an iPhone 4S a future film student set out to show the world how Ball can "Ball" - you see what I did there. Alright, that was pretty lame but enjoy this video despite me.

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