Jonny Gomes speaks out about Biogenesis scandal

Sam Galanis
Contributing Writer

The Biogenesis scandal going on in the MLB doesn’t just affect the 25 or so players that were on the list connecting them to the suspect “anti-aging” clinic in South Florida. It affects the MLB as a whole. It shows that a problem the MLB believed was subsiding never died, and now they have to figure out how to handle it. It affects the fans who believed in those players. And it affects the players who are just trying to play an honest game.

Like Jonny Gomes. In an interview with Comcast Sports Network, Gomes had much to say about the scandal.

“I think there’s some creeps out there trying to stay a couple steps ahead,” Gomes said.

Gomes has been in the league since 2003, and has never tested positive for any banned substance. He has been a real class act in his first year on the Red Sox. This past Memorial Day he showed off his tattoos that honor servicemen and women, and just last night he was honored for donating $25,000 towards the purchase of National Child Identification kits. It’s not hard to believe that a guy like Gomes is serious about keeping baseball clean.

“There’s a laundry list we get once a month of new things, things we can’t take,” Gomes said. “They put it out there for you. It’s really not that hard to stay clean in this game.”

But Gomes also sees the scandal as an opportunity for the league.

“In my eyes, it’s good for the game. It’s what we wanted. We wanted people off it. We wanted a clean game. And I’m just glad the league is doing the research and making it happen.”

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