The Third Base Dilemma

Photo Courtesy of NESN
John Farrell might soon have a dilemma on his hands at third. According to NESN, Will Middlebrooks will soon be back, as his recovery from injury is going according to plan. On the other hand, Jose Iglesias has been hitting .435 with 3 RBI's so far, according to NESN. Not to mention his defense has been solid. According to NESN, Farrell wants to give Iglesias reps at second so he could be a utility infielder, able to fill in whenever someone gets injured. The idea is a good one based on what we've seen so far. So far, Stephen Drew and Middlebrooks have both had injuries and Iglesias has been a good go-to back up guy. Not sure whether he'll ever need to fill in for the Iron Man, Dustin Pedroia, at second, but it's a good idea to have him learn second, just in case.

Iglesias is definitely not a starter...yet. But he is a good back up for now. "For now" is because Iglesias's numbers last year at the plate were bad. .118 with 2 RBI's last year, according to NESN. But his numbers in Pawtucket are bad as well (.202 average and .262. on base percentage according to NESN), so he will most likely stay with Boston as a back up utility infielder. I'm just worried that he'll started trending towards the Iglesias from last year and Triple-A offensively, because there's still plenty of time for something like that to happen. But, at least right now, I can sleep a little easier knowing he can come in and do a solid job filling in.

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Conor Frederick
Contributing Writer