Boras talks Ellsbury contract, see's $$$

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Uber-agent Scott Boras was holding court yesterday at CitiField in New York where 11 of his clients are taking part in Tuesday's All-Star Game. Boras client Jacoby Ellsbury was not there. But he very well could be.

Ellsbury is hitting .305, has a .368 OBP, 35 runs scored, three homers, 33 RBI and leads the American League in steals at 36. Those numbers may not have got him into the Midsummer Classic, but they will get him a nice contract at the end of the season.

You better believe Boras is banking on it.

Boras says he expects big things from the Red Sox centerfielder. Boras said,
With each month of this season, his batting averages are going up, his numbers are there. His on-base percentage is really high. It’s no secret why the Red Sox are where they are that Jacoby’s has a big part of it.”

*Insert cha-ching sound here*

Don't expect Boras, Ellsbury and the Red Sox to be talking contract any time soon though.
[Sox general manager] Ben [Cherington] and I work together very well. He wants to focus on finishing the season and so do we."

The sides have agreed not to talk until this season is over. And if Ellsbury keeps producing, the price increases daily.

While the Sox seem to have the heir apparent to Ellsbury in another Boras client, Jackie Bradley Jr, Boras see's things differently.

I’m sure in the Red Sox board room. Ben is sitting there going, ‘Wow, we just can’t have Jackie and Jacoby and [Shane] Victorino in that outfield. They would be just too good defensively. It would provide too much production and speed. That would be such a horrible problem for us.’"

Boras does have a point there. But it's going cost you.

Should he stay or should he go? Comment on Ellsbury below.

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