Dustin Pedroia already in the Hall of Fame

Photo Courtesy of MLB
Conor Frederick
Contributing Writer

Dustin Pedroia and a couple of others were selected to the Arizona Fall League Hall of Fame, according to MLB.com. That's one more honor for the guy who has been Rookie of the Year, Most Valuable Player and will be playing in his 4th All Star game this week. The AFL director, Steve Cobb offered high praise for Dustin, telling MLB.com that Dustin "epitomizes the way baseball is meant to be played, offensively, defensively, and competitively." According to MLB.com, the AFL Hall was established in 2001 and players get in by their accomplishments since leaving the AFL. Dustin played in 2004 with the Scottsdale Scorpions and joins Ryan Howard and Albert Pujols as the only other alumni with Rookie of the Year and MVP honors, according to MLB.com. Darin Erstad, who played 14 years in the majors, also got in this year, according to MLB.com.

This is a well deserved honor for Dustin, but I'm sure it won't be the last for him. After all, he's still got a few good years ahead of him. There will probably be at least one or two Gold Gloves, more All Star selections and maybe a World Series (maybe this year...pretty please with a cherry on top?). He plays the game the right way, and has since coming up to the major leagues. He's really good at it, too. He's also evolved into the team leader. He's the de facto captain, I would say. I just hope he decides to stay at least a few more years in a Red Sox uniform because he's the epitome of what players who put on that uniform should be.

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