Like oil and water - Aceves and the Sox just don't mix

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With the Red Sox thin in the bullpen and needing a Sunday starter it's interesting to note that Alfredo Aceves, who would seem a likely contender for a spot, was shipped off to the minors. Again.

Despite pitching well in three spot starts this season, Aceves has yet to stick with the team. His last call up lasted less than an inning.

When constructing the 2013 Red Sox there was a lot of talk about team chemistry. This is not a Sox team of 25 players, 25 cabs. They genuinely seem to pull for each other and enjoy their time together on the field.

Alfredo Aceves may be a personality the Sox just don't want around this team for any length of time.

According to, a clubhouse source said, "He doesn't belong here and he knows it.''

Just this week veteran pitcher Ryan Dempster started leading a pre-game stretch that includes all the pitchers as well as some position players. It's not something typically seen before game time. Aceves was nowhere to be found.

Aceves has already drawn the ire of manager John Farrell and pitching coach Juan Nieves. During spring training Aceves was throwing less than half-speed in live batting practice. Farrell and Aceves exchanged more than a few words and Nieves looked to really let him have it.

Back in April, after a rough start against the A's, Aceves angered some teammates when he questioned why they hadn't provided him with more run support in a 13-0 loss. In that game, Aceves allowed a career-high eight runs in 3 1/3 innings, the shortest start of his career, gave up seven hits, walked four, committed two balks, was late covering first and made an error.

And it was just a few weeks ago that Aceves showed up 15 minutes before his scheduled spot start. Farrell had Franklin Morales warming in the pen as no one was quite sure where Ace was.

Last season Aceves was suspended after a dugout run-in with the manager-that-shall-not be-named.

It would seem the current Red Sox manager has seen enough of the mercurial Aceves,"It's hard to figure out what you're going to get out of Alfredo on a given day."

The Red Sox have surely been exploring trade options and while Aceves may show up again due to injury don't look for Ace to be part of this team any time soon. He just doesn't mix.

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