Farrell reveals secrets of success

Getty Images/Al Messerschmidt
Conor Frederick
Contributing Writer

At the All Star Break, the Red Sox are sitting pretty in 1st place in the AL East. So how are they doing it? Depth, manager John Farrell told ESPN Boston. According to ESPN Boston, the team has used a grand total of 41 players, 19 position players and 22 pitchers. And they will use their 23rd pitcher after the break, as they have newly called up pitcher Drake Britton ready to start against the Yankees after the break. John Farrell points to the left side of the infield as an example of the depth. The depth of the team has probably been most evident there, with Will Middlebrooks struggling and Stephen Drew injured. According to ESPN Boston, the Red Sox have gone through six 3rd baseman and 3 shortstops. Jose Iglesias has more than earned his place with his stellar play at both 3rd and short. Brandon Synder and Brock Holt have both been revelations since being called up. John Farrell cited the lack of errors (only 2 since they've been called up, Farrell said) those two have made. The bottom 3 pitchers in the rotation (Dempster, Lackey, Doubront) have also been huge, making 33 quality starts between them (6 innings or more, 3 earned runs or fewer), according to ESPN Boston.

John Farrell is right in that the depth has been important, and it will be important in the second half of the season. We'll need all hands on deck, as there are 4 teams, including us, in our division with a fighting chance of making a postseason push after the break, and push they will. It'll be a tight race and it may be that the division will come down to the wire. The Red Sox will need all their depth, chemistry and talent to come out on top.

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