Iglesias was first, so could Jackie Bradley be next?

Photo Courtesy of ABC
Conor Frederick
Contributing Writer

As I'm sure most of you know by know, Ben Cherington pulled off a deal for Jake Peavy that sent Jose Iglesias to the Detroit Tigers in a three-team deal. So that in turn begs the question "Could Jackie Bradley Jr. be next?" Rumors were running rampant after Bradley was removed from Pawtucket's game last night in the 6th inning apparently healthy, according to WEEI. But an industry source later confirmed to WEEI that no deal involving Bradley, Jr. was imminent.

Before we start flying off the handle, let's think about something here. Jacoby Ellsbury is unlikely to return (sad, but probably true) so we would be throwing away his replacement. Think about it for a second. Would Ben Cherington really do that? The organization has made it abundantly clear that they want to protect the future of the team. "But they've already traded Iglesias, so no one is safe, right," you say? Well here's my theory on that - Clay Bucholz is worse off then the organization will tell us, hence the move for Peavy. If I'm right, than that falls under extreme circumstances that forced the organization to act. I really do not think they will give anyone else away to win this year. So no worries, JBJ fans - I think he's safe. As I mentioned above, he's clearly got a role to play in the future (next season), so it is highly unlikely that they trade him.

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