The Buchholz Watch: Day 53

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While the baseball world was buzzing about the trade that brought three-time All-Star and former Cy Young Award winner Jake Peavy to Boston, Clay Buchholz was nursing his sore neck for the 53rd straight day.

Is it ice then heat or heat then ice? I forget.

On Wednesday, the Red Sox hope Buchholz will be able to "incorporate a fairly aggressive throwing program on flat ground."

Sounds dangerous.

Manager John Farrell said Buchholz will try "incorporating the crow-hop" that he uses from 90 feet to warm up for games and throwing the ball on flat ground. If the hop and the flat ground throwing (also known as "toss") is successful, Buchholz may actually pitch off a mound.

A crow-hop? Toss? Maybe a mound? Things are going great! When can he pitch?

"A date? We don’t know yet but he’ll be back in our rotation at some point,” Farrell said. "I’m very optimistic he’ll pitch for us."

Thanks Skip, I feel much more "optimistic" as well. I'm also optimistic A-Rod was only taking Flintstones chewables and Big Papi will become the new spokesman for AT&T.

Tuesday, general manager Ben Cherington said he was "confident" Buchholz would pitch again this year.

So confident in fact, Cherington traded his starting third baseman and three prospects for Jake Peavy.

It's interesting to note that Peavy has missed just eight starts while logging 300 innings the past two seasons. Buchholz has not pitched in a game since June 8.

But he knows how to crow-hop.

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