Flutterballer gets the job done

Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

That great comeback victory last night would not have taken place if several incidents had not happened.

First off, an extra inning game the night before, using up the Red Sox bullpen over 15 innings. This was the first piece of the puzzle, resulting in Steven Wright getting called up from Triple-A for last nights game against the Seattle Mariners.

Then the second piece of the puzzle, Ryan Dempster had a bad showing. He left in the 6th inning having given up 9 hits and 7 runs. The Red Sox had just 1 run against Felix Hernandez.

Enter Steven Wright, who just got the job done.

He held the Mariners over three innings and allowed no more runs. He stopped the bleeding, giving the Red Sox a platform to launch that 9th inning comeback win. Let's look at how he worked those 3 innings.

  • 7th - 3 hitters faced, 8 pitches, 7 strikes.
  • 8th - 4 hitters faced, 15 pitches, 7 strikes, 1 walk, 1 strikeout.
  • 9th - 4 hitters faced, 18 pitches, 11 strikes, 1 strikeout, 2 hits given up.

The rest is history. One of the greatest comebacks with names like Gomes, Nava, Victorino, and Pedroia on everyones lips is what followed.

It is not the first time he as done this.

Last time he was called up, Ryan Dempster along with the Mariners in July with Dempster leaving in the 4th inning. Steven Wright picked up the ball, threw over 5 innings and picked up the win 8-7.

Let us not forget the Red Sox flutterballer who got it done, stopped the bleeding, and set the stage for an unforgettable night.

Steven Wright not only picked up his 2nd win, he deserves a tip of the hat.

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