The Buchholz watch: Day 55

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Clay Buchholz has not pitched since June 8 because of a sore neck/shoulder. The fans are getting restless. The writers are getting critical. Buchholz has noticed.

"People are saying I'm weak,” Buchholz said. “I want to be out there. I was having the best year of my baseball career."

With all apologies to Clay, it would appear that he’s more Glass Joe than Iron Horse. In his six-year big league career, Buchholz has missed time with a strained back, a pulled hamstring, shoulder weakness, a stress fracture, esophagitis and a broken fingernail.

"Overall it's been frustrating," Buchholz said. "I want to be out there pitching as much as anybody else does."

It’s 55 days and counting now. A sense of urgency would be nice as the Red Sox are locked in dogfight for the AL East. What say you, Clay?

"It's been almost two months for me, so I don't think there's any reason to try to rush it now."

That, Red Sox Lifer’s, is known as a “high compete level”. Buchholz has been throwing on flat ground this week or as a pitching coach would technically call it, “toss”. However, Thursday was a “recovery day”. No throwing allowed! Friday he’ll play toss again. Rejoice! Any plans to, maybe, pitch off a mound anytime soon?

"Hopefully I'll ramp up the intensity as far as the velocity on the throws and see how the body responds to that," Buchholz said. "If everything goes well there, that's when I can start getting off the mound."

Thanks Clay, Red Sox Nation will light a candle for you.

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