Game 131: Red Sox vs. Dodgers - I'm bringing scoring back, YEA?!

Managing Editor

Last night's game has now become a reoccurring nightmare for one John Lackey. How many times will Lackey wake up in the middle of the night - breaking out in a cold sweat - dreading the fact that he'll be taking the mound with little to no run support. Ever. 

After a 2-0 loss to L.A., the Red Sox are once again tied for first place in the AL East with Tampa Bay. Now, as the Red Sox look to regroup against 
the Dodgers, John Farrell has a decision to make. Will he manage the Sox to win every game holding nothing back or will he try to preserve his team for the postseason and rest his staff? If it's me, I'm going with option "A." 

Here's the lineup for the Red Sox this afternoon (first pitch - 4:05pm EDT)

1. Ellsbury CF
2. Victorino RF
3. Pedroia 2B
4. Napoli 1B
5. Gomes LF
6. Drew SS
7. Middlebrooks 3B
8. Ross C
9. Lester SP

No Bogaerts, again: Once again, Xander Bogaerts will be starting at left bench. If the game is close in the later innings, look for XB to take over the shortstop position to add some "pop" to the offense.

Repeat Performance: Can Jon Lester come through once again, and throw another shutout against California's "other" team? Lester stopped the bleeding when he threw a gem against the Giants after the Red Sox lost the New York series at home. Now, he'll be asked to right the ship once again.

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