Recap - Hello, LA...hello 2nd place

Jim Monaghan
Contributing writer

John Lackey made one big mistake...and former Red Sox Hanley Ramirez took advantage of it as the Red Sox fell to the Los Angeles Dodgers 2-0 Friday night at Dodger Stadium.

The loss, combined with Tampa Bay's win over the Yankees, dropped the Red Sox into second place (by percentage points) in the American League East. More important is the fact that Boston is now two games behind the Rays in the "all important loss column." *

For his part, Lackey was terrific, going eight innings and allowing just three hits while striking out six and not walking a batter. One of those hits was a two-run blast by Ramirez (pictured) to centerfield in the bottom of the fourth inning for his thirteenth home run of the season.

Meanwhile, the Red Sox offense was limited to just two hits - singles by Dustin Pedroia and Stephen Drew off starting pitcher Ricky Nolasco. Former Red Sox Carl ("I was miserable in Boston and I'm not going to stop talking about it until everyone knows it") Crawford had two hits in three at bats with a pair of stolen bases and a run scored. How come we can't get guys like that on our team? Wait...that's right...we had that guy on our team and well...nevermind.

* From late August until the end of the season, all references to the loss column must include "all important" in the description.

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