Red Sox have the most expensive beer in baseball

The Guru
Contributing Writer

Beer at baseball games is pricey. Anyone attending Fenway Park can attest that. However, a new study from Team Marketing Report reveals the Red Sox have the most expensive suds in baseball.

Domestic beers at Fenway Park run at $.60 an ounce or about seven bucks. The more discerning palate with a taste for an IPA will pay about $9.

In a Red Sox Life Poll earlier this week we asked what is keeping fans away from Fenway Park this season. 80% of RSL readers said Fenway Park is just too expensive.

If the Boston brass are curious why attendance is down this season, they may want to take a look at prices.

Give the fans a break, lower the price on beer and maybe the fans will return. They may even buy enough brew that September collapses won't even matter.

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