Red Sox react to MLB suspensions

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Reactions to Major League Baseball's suspension Monday of 13 players linked to the Biogenesis lab in Miami have started to filter out of the Red Sox clubhouse.

12 players agreed to 50-game suspensions. Alex Rodriguez, who was handed a 211 game suspension, has vowed to fight it.

Dustin Pedroia said,
"I'm glad this happened. You want everybody on the same page. We shouldn't be competing against guys who use drugs like that. Today is bad for baseball and the fans. But as a player, this is what you want."

Outfielder and AL Player of the Week Shane Victorio said,
"It puts everyone on a level playing field."

Manager John Farrell stated,
"I think it’s most important that all of us in the game work to maintain the integrity of the sport, evident by the investigations, the testing, every effort is made to do just that. I'm just proud none of our guys have been linked to it.”

The latest member of the Red Sox, Jake Peavy, also weighed in,
"I think everybody sees the positives and understands even though it's a tough day, and tough national news, the game is being held to a higher standard of being clean."

Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster added,
"People are saying it’s a sad day for baseball. It was a sad day when they walked in that clinic."

Catcher Ryan Lavarnway said,
"These guys not only did they cheat, then most of them got up in public and adamantly denied and lied to us."

Jonny Gomes, when asked specifically about whether it’s fair Rodriguez is still playing, said,
"I don't think so to tell you the truth. I can imagine being the pitcher, just knowing this guy is on or has done steroids. That's not, that's not an equal battle right there. I don't know how that would really work out. Good thing I don't pitch."

Gomes also spoke about the Major League Players Association help in A-Rod’s planned appeal,
"I hope our dues don't go to his lawyer fees by any means."

Former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling took to social media to express his thoughts,

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