Middlebrooks is on fire

Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

Since returning to the Boston Red Sox on 10 August, Will Middlebrooks has been lighting it up behind the plate.

His time down in the minors was well spent and he is determined to stay with the Red Sox this time around.

This second time around, he is hitting .306 with 4 home runs, 4 doubles, 18 strikeouts over 85 plate appearances, and has walked 8 times.

What the statistics do not show is how clutch he has become.

In the last series against the Tigers, who trotted out premier pitching, he went 5 for 11 with a homer and double. It was the last game of the series against Matt Scherzer where in the 5th inning he poked a 2 run single to give the 19 game winner only his 2nd loss of the season.

Last night against the Yankees he went 2 for 5, hitting a single in the 3rd inning and homered off Yankee starter Nova with 2 outs in the 4th inning.

He is showing signs of growth, learning to adjust his plate approach not game by game, but at-bat by at-bat. This is smart hitting and clutch.

Over the last 7 days he has scored 5 runs, knocked 2 homers, has 7 RBI's, only 3 strikeouts over 24 plate appearances, stolen 2 bases, and has a .375 OBP.

He is not only able to provide offense, but is well versed on both sides of the infield.

He is supposed to be a third baseman, but in August we found out he is the backup for Dustin Pedroia when against the Giants he filled in on the right side.

Look out Yankees and Rays, Middlebrooks is on fire and coming your way from all over the baseball diamond.

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