RSL Poll: Who is the most important player down the stretch?

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As The Red Sox head into the stretch run leading the American League East by 6 1/2 games with 24 games left, it will take a collapse of chicken and beer proportions for the Sox to miss out on the playoffs.

With the Red Sox hitting .300 as a team with 27 home runs over the past month and the starting pitching gelling at the right time, Boston looks poised to not only make the playoffs but win the division.

Winning the AL East would give the Sox the clearer path to the World Series and the team has shown it can beat everybody's favorite pick, the Detroit Tigers.

However, slumps or injuries could play a factor in how things all shake out.

Shane Victorino has been nursing injuries all season, yet is hitting .300 with nine homers since the All-Star break.

David Ortiz recorded his 2000 career hit, bashed two home runs Wednesday night, and manager John Farrell said he couldn't imagine the team without him.

Dustin Pedroia may be the heart and soul of the Sox, but he's hitting just .255 since the break.

Jacoby Ellsbury has scored 30 runs, swiped 16 bases in the last two months, but has a bone bruise in his hand that could limit him.

Jon Lester looks to be back in ace-like form. Lester is 3-1 in his last four starts with an ERA of 1.71.

Jake Peavy has been a nice addition to the staff, allowing 18 runs over 40 innings of work.

Clay Buchholz looks ready to return to the rotation. Which Buchholz will the Red Sox get?

Koji Uehara has not allowed a run since June over a span of 29 innings. If it's closing time, it's Koji time.

In today's Red Sox Life Poll, we ask: Who is the Red Sox most important player with 24 games to go?

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