3 Bold Predictions for the ALDS

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So, the Red Sox open the ALDS today at 3:07 against Tampa Bay. Is anyone else excited? I know I am. The Red Sox are back in the postseason for the first time since 2009, and today is the one-year anniversery of the day they fired the manager-who-shall-not-be-named. Karma, much? It's fitting that the Sox make their postseason return on the one year of firing of Bobby Valentine. So without further ado, I'll give you my 3 bold predictions for the ALDS.

1.) The Red Sox offense will blast Tampa's pitching. The Sox offense was the best offense in the majors. They were 1st in runs with 853, 2nd in batting average, 1st in OBP with .349, and 1st in slugging percentage with .446, according to ESPN. Make no mistake, the Tampa rotation gives me fits, but I think the Sox offense will get to the rotation of Tampa Bay.

2.) Evan Longoria will go quiet. On the flipside of the Red Sox big bats is their pitching, who can shut up the best when they're on their game. Yes, I'm including Rays' superstar Evan Longoria in this statement. Look, he's a stud and he's also the only threat in the Rays line up, but the Red Sox starters will render him useless. I know he hit 32 home runs, but I like the Red Sox rotation over him. And the way the Sox set it up, Jon Lester (who's been really good in the 2nd half) is going game 1 and John Lackey (who has been good at home) game 2, so that's a good 1-2 punch to go with. So, for the record, Longoria will be MIA for the series.

3.) The 8th inning will be smooth for the bullpen. Yes, I am aware that the bridge between the starters and Koji Uehara has been been faulty, to put it nicely, BUT I think that will be fixed in this series. Why? I think moving Ryan Dempster to the pen will help solidify the bridge between the starters and Uehara. Dempster did not work as a starter, so I think he'll do better as the set up guy. I know this has been sort of the Achilles heel of the Sox, but I think it will be better in this series.

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