World Series odds: Vegas says Sox favorites to win it all

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The Red Sox are the Las Vegas odds-on favorite to win the World Series. The Sox lead the final eight teams with 15/4 odds to win it all.

From worst to first, the Boston Red Sox are now the team to beat. However, keep this in mind: When the season began the Sox were 30/1 underdogs. Let's hope the Sox don't prove Vegas wrong again.

The road to the World Series begins Friday at Fenway Park as the Sox take on the rival Rays.

Here's the full list of odds to win the World Series, courtesy of Bovada:

Boston Red Sox -- 15/4
Los Angeles Dodgers -- 9/2
Detroit Tigers -- 19/4
St. Louis Cardinals -- 11/2
Atlanta Braves -- 7/1
Oakland Athletics -- 15/2
Tampa Bay Rays -- 8/1
Pittsburgh Pirates -- 10/1

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