3 Bold Predictions for Game 6

Photo Courtesy of NESN
Conor Frederick (@ConorJF1016)
Contributing Writer

I picked the Red Sox to win in 6 and I'm sticking with it, although part of me hopes I'm wrong because I won tickets to a potential game 7. Without further ado, here are my 3 bold predictions that will lead to a Red Sox win tonight.

1.) Clay Bucholz will pitch 6+ strong innings: This definitely is bold, but I think he'll want to atone for the bad 6th inning he had in game 2 and try and go as deep as he can. I know it's hard to believe that he'll do it, especially because he'll most likely have a short leash with the bullpen pitching lights out. So, I think he'll pitch 6+ innings and hold the Detroit Tigers offense, but don't be surprised to see him on a short leash, especially since he's not 100%.

2.) The offense will get to Max Scherzer: Let me be clear about this - they are not going to score 7 or 8. I do think this will be a pitcher's duel, but much like Game 3 against Justin Verlander, the offense will force Scherzer to make that one mistake that will win us the game and the series. The pitching staff will be light's out and one mistake will decide this game, and I think Scherzer will make that one mistake. I also think Xander Boagaerts has a role to play in the offense tonight. He'll come through again in a big way and act as a catalyst for a Red Sox rally.

3.) Detroit offense will go completely silent: This goes with the first one, but I think the combination of Bucholz and the Red Sox bullpen will completely shut up the Tigers line up. Short leash or not, Bucholz will go pitch for pitch with Scherzer for 6 or so, then the bullpen will pick up the final 3 innings and pitch lights out like they have been all series.

Those are my 3 bold predictions for game 6 that will enable the Red Sox to close it out tonight and face St. Louis in the Fall Classic again. Thoughts? Hit me up on Twitter (@ConorJF1016) or leave a comment.