The 5 reasons Red Sox will win World Series

Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

Predictions are dangerous.

We live for danger.

We eat scary for breakfast.

We pick our teeth afterwards with hard challenges.

Keeping this in mind, we finished our breakfast, picked our teeth, and decided to lay out the five reasons that the Red Sox will win the 2013 World Series and why.

Reason 1: Red Sox destroy quality pitching
You can't really say that the Cardinals have better starting pitching than the Tigers, and the Red Sox patiently, steadily, and consistently worked each of the starters into submission. They found a way to pulled it off each and every time.

Even if give the Cardinals the bullpen advantage, the Red Sox hitters will find a way to overcome the quality that comes strolling out to the mound in relief of the Cardinal starting rotation.

It is hard to believe that this World Series will be as exciting a pitching series as the ALCS was, so expect to see more hitting this time around.

Reason 2: Depth of Red Sox bench
The Red Sox are overwhelming in the sheer amount of depth they have, a deeper rotation, a deeper lineup, a deeper bullpen, much deeper bench. In all positions they have solid and proven options, often with veteran players. Where veterans have not been able to get the job done, rookie bench players like Quintin Berry and Xander Bogaerts have come into games to impact the outcomes in a positive fashion.

Another factor that can't be understated is that the Red Sox lineup is healthier right now than the Cardinals.

Reason 3: The Closer
Get a game into the last 5-6 outs, give the ball to Koji Uehara, put it into the win column. The Red Sox have this area sewn up tighter than a nickel in the pocket of Ebenezer Scrooge on Christmas Eve.

The Cardinals do have a great young closer in Trevor Rosenthal with a 100-mph fastball in his bag of tricks, but again, see Reason 1 for why this is not going to work for them this time around.

Reason 4: Cardinals weak starting rotation
Touched upon in Reason 1 above, the Red Sox can handle stellar pitching rotations. The Cardinals have two starters that can be lights out, Adam Wainwright and Michael Wacha. Expect them to try to lean heavily on them in the World Series by having them start in games 1, 2, 5, and 6 respectively.

There is a good reason for this, as the back end of the rotation is much, much weaker.

The Cardinals duo Joe Kelly and Lance Lynn won't be able to tame this Red Sox lineup, not by a long shot. This will also tire the Cardinals bullpen by getting into them early. All elements that will allow the Red Sox to handle the Cardinals rotation.

Reason 5: Destiny is on the Red Sox side
The Cardinals have a storyline in Carlos Beltran, an aging veteran that has never see the World Series in his storied career. It would be storybook to have him win his last chance at the World Series ring, but this will never outweigh the destined Boston Red Sox who have battled through the tragic events of the season with their city, with the fans, and with the entire Nation watching.

Most of the predictions being put out there, such as, iterate that the Red Sox just "...have something special going..." and "...just seem to be having the slightest bit more magical season."

As David Ortiz, eloquent spokesman for this years Red Sox, would put it, "This is our **bleeping** season!"

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