Things got "Salty" with Erin Andrews last night and much more

Managing Editor

Last night was historic, but what else would you expect from a team that draws stark comparisons to the ’04 World Series championship team?

So, in honor of last night’s awesomeness I’ve decided to provide you with a chronological GIF account of the EPIC festivities that took place at Fenway Park. Enjoy, I know I did!

By the way, we here at RedSoxLife don't believe in the practice of false advertising so expect to see what the headline indicated.

* Don't forget to scroll all the way to the very end for a bonus GIF.

It all started with a bang (or a Pop-i)!

Here's Ortiz's grand slam from another hilarious angle.

Alright, last one I promise.

The Hand (or glove I should say) of the King prevented a crucial out in the 9th. Thanks, kid!

And ended with the Red Sox rubbing Salt-y in the Tigers wounds. 

Of course Mr. Victorino couldn't contain himself or his Gatorade and decided to drench Salty (and by extension Erin Andrews)

Here's another angle of the Victorino's Splash Down.