Video: Big Papi barks, Boston bites

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Following the Red Sox dramatic Game 4 victory, David Ortiz stood at his locker and exclaimed, "I've got two rings! You want to win one? You follow me!"

The Red Sox did just that. As the team huddled around their veteran leader before the sixth inning, Ortiz told them, “This is our time!”

What exactly did Big Papi say?

“I told them, it took me five years to get back on this stage and we have a better team than what we have right now and we never made it. Take advantage of being here. Just one of those speeches that motivate players and bring you to reality. I will do it again tomorrow if I have to.”

Boston manager John Farrell said, "It was meaningful. Kind of a timely conversation he had with everybody."

"It was like 24 kindergartners looking up at their teacher. He got everyone's attention and we looked him right in the eyes," said Jonny Gomes, "That message was pretty powerful."

"We weren't the Red Sox," said outfielder Daniel Nava. "We were the Boston Ortiz's."

Moments later, the Red Sox rallied, turning a 1-1 tie into a 4-1 lead.

David Ortiz has made some dramatic statements this season, but none may have been bigger than Sunday nights.

Catcher David Ross said of Big Papi's speech, "When he talks, you listen."

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