3 Reasons to say good-bye to Napoli

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Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

The fat lady has sung, it's over.

Wipe your tears.

Blow you nose.

Move on.

Mike Napoli is already gone Red Sox Nation, so take a moment to gather your thoughts and accept the fact that we will not be seeing him back on the field in 2014 as a Red Sox.

The evidence is overwhelming.

3 Reasons
  1. There have been facts presented that the Red Sox want to have Mike Napoli back, but that he has rejected his qualifying offer to test the free agent market. Others have dug up the story that refuted rumors that Mike Napoli has received a multi-year offer from the Red Sox, something he is pushing for. He wants more than the Red Sox are going to give him.
  2. With the worries about his hip conditions eliminated during his season exit physical there seems no reason for him to not be courted by other teams for a multi-year deal. Evidence abounds that other teams have interest, even on the other coast.
  3. After winning it all, Mike Napoli win on a victory tour through the streets of Boston. He is just too embarrassed to return to Fenway again this year and might have told his agent that he can't show his face around town anymore.
Get your Mike Napoli fan gear while you can, it is about to become collectors items.

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