An open letter to Jacoby Ellsbury from Red Sox Nation

Dear Jacoby,

Congratulations on a great season and thanks for bringing the World Series back to Boston. Thanks for all the wonderful memories of watching you play: The homers, the steals, the great diving catches, the time you scored from second on a passed ball.

Good times, Jake, good times.

Sorry Adrian Beltre crashed into you a few years back and broke your ribs. It wasn't your fault. That evil Theo made you play left field.

We'll forget the the 260 games you have missed over the past four seasons and the fact you have hit 13 homers since that magical 2011 year when you hit 32. You're just too cute to hold it against you.

We know Lord Vader, we mean your agent, is urging you to take the money and run far away from the Fenway Faithful. It can be tough here in Boston. We know that. Fans expect a lot. But, there is no better place when you win. No better place.

Talk to some others that cashed in and see if they're happy now. Torii Hunter left Minnesota for Anaheim and now lives in Detroit. Josh Hamilton left a World Series contender in Texas to lose for the Angels. Albert Pujols has a lot of cash and he sits home in October counting it.

Money fixes a lot of problems, but it won't make you a winner and it certainly won't make you a legend. Look up at those retired numbers at Fenway: 1, 4, 6, 8, 9, 14, 27. Number 2 could be up there one day. Or is it 46? We forget. Names like Yaz, Ted, Rice and Fisk will never be forgotten. Leave Boston and you're Johnny Damon - Judas.

Maybe it is true and you want to go back home to the Great Northwest. We heard the rumors the Mariners have 126 million reasons for you to leave and that there is a nice, new, teal uniform with your name on the back waiting for you in Seattle.

But, come on Jacoby, it's Seattle.

You know Fenway Park beats Safeco Field, the Space Needle is no Faneuil Hall, Pikes Place Fish Market has nothing on the North End and we'll take Aerosmith over Pearl Jam any day.

Walk this way, Jake. Right back into the Red Sox dugout.


Red Sox Nation