Mariano Rivera wins Comeback Player of the Year; WHY NOT LACKEY??

Photo Courtesy of CBS Sports
Conor Frederick (@ConorJF1016)
Contributing Writer

Per Evan Drellich of (tweet below), Mariano Rivera (pictured, left) won the AL Comeback Player of the Year.

Good for Mariano. No, really. I'm being serious. He had a heck of a year coming off a major injury that kept him sidelined all of the 2012 season. But, you know who was in the same boat? Yep, that's right. One John Lackey. Lackey came off Tommy John surgery and was a major factor in the Boston Red Sox championship run, culminating in a brilliant clinching performance in game 6. Mariano has a strong case, but Lackey's case is stronger to me. Not just because Lackey pitched great in the playoffs, but because he had no expecations coming into this season, much like the Red Sox team. He was part of the chicken and beer stuff in 2011 and even before that, wasn't pitching anything like the Lackey from the Anaheim Angels. Mariano came back and it was business as usual, which means he was just as lights out as ever.

Simply put, I think Lackey deserves this more than Rivera. I have the upmost respect for the guy, but I think voters might have been influenced by the fact that this was Mariano's last year and might have let their emotions on the matter get in the way of seeing what Lackey was able to accomplish this year.

Francisco Liriano of the Pittsburgh Pirates (pictured, left) won the NL Comeback Player of the Year.

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