Seattle set to make big offer to Ellsbury; Texas might also be interested

Photo Courtesy of ESPN
Conor Frederick (@ConorJF1016)
Contributing Writer

Buster Olney is reporting that the Seattle Mariners are ready to "change the conversation" about their franchise and make a big offer to Jacoby Ellsbury, according to MLB Trade Rumors. Reports place Ellsbury's contract demands at 7 years and around $150 million. Seattle would no doubt be a better team with Ells playing center field, but they won't be the only team competing for his signature, although they might be the favorite, given Ellsbury's deep connection to the Pacific Northwest.

The Texas Rangers might also be in contention, given their need for a center fielder. Richard Durrett of ESPN Dallas weighs in and takes a look at the pros and the cons of Ellsbury. He ultimately writes that he would rather see them going after Brian McCann because they only have room for one big name free agent, but Texas might be another team to watch as all of this develops as they do need a center fielder and the Red Sox look to make a move for Brian McCann.

If Texas gets into the mix, I'm sure they'd get some consideration from Ellsbury because of their ability to compete for another ring or 2. But who knows if Ellsbury or $cott Bora$ will actually care about winning more rings. Or Ellsbury decides that team loyalty actually means something to him and decides to re-sign with Boston. That doesn't seem likely, though, as much as I'd like to believe it might.

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