Sox aren't playing nice with Theo

Photo Courtesy of CBS Sports
Conor Frederick (@ConorJF1016)
Contributing Writer

The Chicago Cubs are interested in interviewing Red Sox bench coach Torey Lovullo and he's interested in being interviewed, but the Red Sox won't have any of it, according to CBS Sports. Why? The Red Sox execs are claiming the agreement reached that sent Theo Epstein to the Cubs prevented the Cubs from hiring any Red Sox employees, according to CBS Sports. But there is plenty of gray area, though, because when the agreement was made, Lovullo was with John Farrell in Toronto. So this could go either way. If you're the Cubs organization, you don't think Lovullo should qualify since he wasn't a Red Sox employee at the time of the agreement. On the Red Sox side, they're saying he's a Red Sox employee and that's that.

I have to wonder about the time frame of the agreement that is supposedly keeping Lovullo from talking to the Cubs. Theo left us after the disaster of a season in 2011, 2 years ago. My question is this: What was the time frame of this agreement? Was there even a time frame? It's hard to say because the finer details of this agreement are sketchy. Lovullo is a Red Sox employee, but if the agreement only covered employees at the time, than Lovullo should be free to walk, but again, not enough information is available about this agreement.

According to CBS Sports, the Cubs are very impressed with him, but are looking at other possible candidates. My message to Theo would be this: Focus on some of the other candidates because talks with Lovullo will just get bogged down because of this agreement. Unless the Red Sox cave, which doesn't seem likely at this point. Also, Lovullo might want to walk, so would the Sox decide to stick tight to this agreement and risk upsetting Lovullo? Is that worth it? They could hold on to him, but at what cost? Just some food for thought.

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