Who is the REAL Mr. October?

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo Sports
Conor Frederick (@ConorJF1016)
Contributing Writer

Who is the REAL Mr. October? Well, if you were to ask Reggie Jackson if David Ortiz has dismantled him as the new "Mr. October," then he'd tell you to watch what you say. No, really - he told Yahoo Sports that there's only one "Mr. October." But is really still THE Mr October? Well, the answer is no. This year's insane average in the Fall Classic aside, let's not forget what David Ortiz did in 2004. He was supremely clutch in the run to end the "Curse of the Bambino." He hit a walk off home run against the Anaheim Angels to send the Red Sox to the ALCS, then got 2 walk off hits en route to helping the Red Sox pull off the greatest comeback in baseball history against the Yankees.

Fast forward to 2013 postseason. He hits a clutch grand slam off Tigers closer Joaquin Benoit to tie the game, then puts up the 2nd best World Series average in history behind Billy Hatcher. His postseason slash line for this year was .353/.500/.706, according to Yahoo Sports. I know - that's really good. If you throw that in with the fact that he was a major part of 3 championships, then I would say Papi has taken over the mantle of Mr. October.

Sorry, Reggie. You're still the original Mr. October, but I think David Ortiz has eclipsed you by far. And there will be someone who comes along in the next generation who eclipses both you and Papi. And there's someone on every championship team who stands out, but Big Papi has stood out as this generation's "Mr. October." So, for right now, it's time to let go, because David Ortiz is Mr. October right now.

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