Why Napoli declined his qualifying offer

AP photo.
Conor Frederick (@ConorJF1016)
Contributing Writer

Mike Napoli declined his qualifying offer today because he wants a multi-year deal in free agency, according to WEEI. According to WEEI, there has been no change in his hip, which dropped his initial contract with the Red Sox from 3 years to 1 year. Last off-season, he was diagnosed with avascluar necrosis, which prevents blood flow to his hips and was the source of the issue that caused the offer to be reduced down to 1 year according to WEEI. Among current free agents, he was 6th in home runs and slugging (min. of 300 plate appearances), 2nd in RBI's and 3rd in on base percantage, according to WEEI. He played 139 games without any hint of a problem in his hip, so he had little incentive to accept the 1 year deal.

Napoli's offer was 1 year, $14.1 million, but is he worth a multi-year deal? Simply put, yes he is, and I would like to see him back in a Red Sox uniform. Message to the Red Sox: Get that done, guys. And if Napoli getting hammered in Boston shirtless is any indication, Napoli wants to stay in Boston long term, so let's make that happen, guys. Mike Napoli was also one of the ringleaders of the magic beard movement (yes, I think they were magic), so why wouldn't you bring the guy back?

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