David Ortiz Celebrity Golf Classic begins in Dominican Republic

Ryan MacLeod (RyanMacLeod15)
Contributing Writer

If I were to tell you that David Ortiz was even 10% as good at golf as he is at baseball i'd be lying. Yet every year for the past 6 years Ortiz has hosted a golf tournament that raises money for the David Ortiz Children's Fund. Ortiz doesn't even play golf, instead he putts with each group and turns the event into a big celebration and party, minus the $100k champagne. Both current and former teammates of Ortiz come to the event and sometimes there are even guest appearances by Red Sox legends. This years major former Red Sox could include Pedro Martinez, Johnny Damon, Jim Rice, Tim Wakefield and Luis Tiant. It is rumored that Alex Rodriguez could make an appearance at the event, no word how he will be received there.

This event seems like a fantastic cause, and I for one applaud Ortiz for making this an annual event. I am surprised that not more current members of the Red Sox go to this event, a trip to the Dominican Republic? Sure thing, why not? If you had the option to go to this event would you? How much money would you spend to play a round of golf with one of these former Red Sox? Leave your answers below or tweet them at me.