Jonathan Papelbon + Ugly Sweater = CREEPY

Photo via Ashley Papelbon's Twitter
Scott Levesque (@scottlevesque)
Online Content Editor

There's creepy, then there's CREEPY. Unfortunately for former Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon he's exhibiting more of the latter.

In a series of tweets from wife Ashley Papelbon, Jonathan took an ugly sweater party and turned it on it's head - or gave it a "blue dot" feel.

Pap decided to take his patented creepy eyes and include full face frontal along with a terrifyingly awful sweater to boot.

Sure, we're accustom to the glove covered face, but this takes things to a cataclysmic level.

It's truly impossible to explain just how uncomfortable these pictures make me feel, but for the sake of Red Sox Nation I'm willing to endure the skin-crawling chills.