Ten Little Birds: Top-10 Red Sox on Twitter

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Jan-Christian Sorensen
Contributing Writer

We all know that the Red Sox will reign supreme as the kings of the baseball world until next October, but who among the current world championship roster commands the most attention in the Twittersphere?

It should come as no surprise that the formidable All-Father and World Series MVP, Big Papi himself, rakes in as many followers as he does inside fastballs, with more than 565,000 Tweeps in his ever-growing entourage.

The Flyin’ Hawaiian and right field virtuoso Shane Victorino comes in a distant second with the team's diminutive-yet-dominant second baseman Dustin Pedroia — who first joined the 140-character crowd in February — ranking third.

Here, submitted for your approval, o loyal members of the Nation, are the top 10 Red Sox to team up with on Twitter:

1) David Ortiz
Followers: 565,969

Who he follows: Late Show bandleader @PaulShaffer, WWE champ @JohnCena, newly minted Seattle Mariner @RobinsonCano and Canadian coiffed urchin @justinbieber.

Sample tweet:

2) Shane Victorino
Followers: 259,016

Who he follows: Raunchy comedienne @SarahKSilverman, Barry Gibb Talk Show host @JimmyFallon, ageless hurler Jamie Moyer @jmo50Moyer and Funky Bunch/Teddy Bear lover @mark_wahlberg.

Sample tweet:

3) Dustin Pedroia
Followers: 217,156

Who he follows: Pardon the Interruption co-host @RealMikeWilbon, breaking updates on Bigfoot sightings @BRFO_Updates, The King of Queens @KevinJames and Patriots tight end @RobGronkowski.

Sample Tweet:

4) Jon Lester
Followers: 208,069

Who he follows: Dick-boxer @jtimberlake, Fantastic Four strongman @MichaelChiklis, weatherman Brick Tamland @Steve Carell and New England outfitter @LLBean.

Sample Tweet:

5) Mike Napoli
Followers: 198,012

Who he follows: Tight yoga pants lovers @YogaPantsRule, porn star @RachelStarrxxx, former Playboy model @LeeannTweeden and organic, homemade pie from @PaigesPie.

Sample Tweet:

6) Koji Uehara
Followers: 158,949

Who he follows: U.S. Ambassador to Japan and American royalty @CarolineKennedy, Far East Football @NFLJapan, Texas Rangers flamethrower Yu Darvish @faridyu and Boston Globe writer @PeteAbe.

Sample Tweet:

7) Will Middlebrooks
Followers: 144,116

Who he follows: UFC fighter @JohnDoomsday, Comedy Central duo @KeyAndPeele, Wheel of Fortune host @patsajak and Green Bay Packers pivot/Discount Double Checker @AaronRodgers12. 

Sample Tweet:

8) Jake Peavy
Followers: 94,050

Who he follows: Auburn Tigers head coach @CoachGusMalzahn, snow/skateboarder @shaun_white, Zen master @PhilJackson11 and knuckleball killer @AaronBoone_ESPN.

Sample Tweet:

9) Daniel Nava
Followers: 63,451

Who he follows: Former Red Sox @IamCodyRoss, @ShredderPunto, @Themikeaviles and @Ryan_Kalish.

Sample Tweet:

10) Jackie Bradley, Jr.
Followers: 58,112

Who he follows: Adamantium-laced mutant @RealHughJackman, WEEI Dennis and Callahan show co-host @GerryCallahan, Hootie, sans Blowfish @dariusrucker and Kardashian Prison escapee @ReggieBush.

Sample Tweet:

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