10 Biggest Villains in the game of baseball now

Photo from NESN
Conor Frederick (@ConorJF1016)
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There are plenty of players and execs in sports that us fans just love to hate. But who is the most hated in baseball? NESN counted down the top 10 villains in MLB today, a list that included Yasiel Puig, Bryce Harper and Alex Rodriguez (I was just as shocked as everyone else at this). Here's NESN's list, and what they had to say:

10.) Brian Cashman: He's best known for flashing the cash and creating the Evil Empire, and he's been back at it again this year.

9.) Grant Balfour: The ex-Oakland Athletics closer is known for screaming at players on the hill, most notably during the ALDS against the Tigers when Victor Martinez took exception to his yelling at him

8.) Robinson Cano: He asked for $300 mil, got $240 mil, and then criticized the Yankees for not being loyal. So, definitely worth a spot here.

7.) Carl Crawford: Part of the Red Sox problem towards the end of 2011 and the 2012 season, he complains about his time in Boston. Still.

6.) Brandon Phillips: The Cincinnati Reds 2nd baseman's biggest concern last August? A writer who criticized his on-base percentage. Yeah, not the fact that his team was in a playoff battle. He cared more about writers criticizing his play.

5.) Bryce Harper: He plays hard, but comes across as arrogant to some. Especially stacked up against Mike Trout, who is more reserved.

4.) Yasiel Puig: WHile he has his supporters and certainly has talent, he was reckless both on and off the field, which resulted in a controversial first year in the Major Leagues.

3.) Scott Boras: Known for getting the best deals (best deals here having the meaning of most $$$), his haters consist of fans who don't want their star players to leave.

2.) Ryan Braun: Tested positive for PED's and got off on a technicality, then eventually was suspended this past season for 65 games after he appeared on the BioGenisis scandal.

1.) Alex Rodriguez: Known to his fans (if there are any left) as A-Rod. Known to his haters, of which there are many, as A-Roid. One of the most hated sports figures in all of sports, never mind just the MLB.

My take would be Cano and Crawford should both be top 5 behind A-Roid and Ryan Braun. I'd cut Boras a little slack because he's just doing his job, which is to get the best deals for his players, even if everyone hates him for it. He still goes on this list, but he would drop to 6th on my list behind A-Roid, Braun, Cano, Crawford, and Puig.

My List:
1. A-Roid
2. Braun
3. Crawford
4. Cano
5. Puig
6. Boras
7. Harper
8. Phillips
9. Balfour
10. Cashman

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