In or Out: Is Tanaka coming to Boston or not?

Koji Watanabe/Getty Images
Conor Frederick (ConorJF1016)
Contributing Writer

Full Count is reporting via John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle (tweet below) that Boston is one of 3 locations Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka would look upon favorably. The other 2 locations would be Los Angles and New York, according to Full Count. If that's true, than that puts 5 teams, including the Sox at the forefront of "Tanaka-Watch." The Red Sox are not considered front runners because they currently have 6 pitchers who could be considered starters, plus plenty of depth in their minor league system, so it seems unlikely the Red Sox will make a move for Tanaka.

If they do make a move, it will likely be to keep him from a rival team (aka the Yankees), and not out of any need for an extra starter. Personally, while I am hesitant about the Sox taking on a big contract like that, I would hate to see him with the Yankees.

What do you guys think - do we pursue him or let him go? Let me know on Twitter or leave a comment.