How the Sox outfiield shapes up with Sizemore

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Conor Frederick (@ConorJF1016)
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With the arrival of Grady Sizemore to the Red Sox, it begs the question: How will the outfield look in 2014? It's a fair question, and one I'll take a stab at answering.

Shane Victorino, RF
Jackie Bradley, Jr. CF
Jonny Gomes/Daniel Nava LF

I don't think Sizemore's signing will impact the decision to put Jackie Bradley, Jr. in center come Opening Day (67 days, but who's counting?). Bradley will still take most of the playing, barring injuries. Shane Victorino will stay in right, while Jonny Gomes and Daniel Nava will platoon in left, unless Victorino gets hurt. Then, Nava moves over to right and Gomes takes left. Notice I didn't include Mike Carp - my guess (guess, mind you) is that he'll be the odd man out with Sizemore coming in and the Sox will likely look to trade Carp if they can.

Mike Carp*


I put an asterix next to Mike Carp because, as I mentioned above, my guess is the Sox will look to trade him. Let me be clear: I like Mike Carp and I'd like to see him stick around, but I think he'll get the short straw if Ben Cherington looks to move an outfielder to make room for Sizemore. Sizemore will be primarily be on the bench and provide back up for Jackie Bradley, Jr. for the most part. It's not clear how often the Sox intend to use Sizemore, but my feeling is that he'll primarily be a back up. As I mentioned above, Jonny Gomes and Nava will platoon and Nava will move over to right should something happen to the Flyin Hawaiian.