Nasty Twist to Drew Saga

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Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

Here it comes again Red Sox Nation.

Another indication that the Yankees have yet to hit the bottom of their purse yet.

Jon Heyman from CBSSports sights the fact that now that the Yankees have blown through the luxury tax ceiling by signing Japanese free agent pitcher Masahiro Tanaka, they are free to pursue Stephen Drew. "Drew is one free agent the Yankees are at least weighing, according to people familiar with their thinking," writes Jon Heyman.

After dropping a whopping $470 million dollars on signings so far this offseason, they still have massive gaps in their infield defense so why not spend some more to fix that.

Let's put that spending spree in perspective.

In 2013 the Houston Astros had the same results as the Yankees with only a team payroll of a little over $21 million dollars.

Closer to home, the Tampa Bay Rays spent a little less than $60 million dollars on their team payroll.

The Detroit Tigers reached the postseason on a little less than $150 million dollars on team payroll.

The Saint Louis Cardinal did it on only a little more than $100 million dollars on team payroll.

So back to Stephen Drew, who could be the replacement the Yankees will most likely need for the aging Derek Jeter and provide some relief for the loss of Robinson Cano defensively up the middle of their infield.

The question is, with Scott Boras as the agent in play, what will the Yankees end up paying for Stephen Drew?

What are the willing to pay for him?

Guesses anyone?

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