No setbacks on Pedey's thumb surgey

Photo from USA Today Sports
Conor Frederick (@ConorJF1016)
Contributing Writer

According to CSNNE, Dustin Pedroia's thumb surgery had no setbacks and the thumb feels "great." Pedroia played most of last year with the thumb injury and had surgery for it in mid-November. The thumb caused his power numbers to dip (single digit home runs for the first time since 2007), but he still managed to hit .301 with 84 RBI's, the 2nd most in his career, according to CSNNE.

What thumb problem? It was still a solid season for Pedroia, despite playing the whole season with an injury. He only hit 9 home runs, but I think most of us would agree power is not Pedroia's game. His game is getting on base for David Ortiz's and Mike Napoli's to drive him in and also playing good defense. I don't think he'll ever be a Robinson Cano-esque 2nd baseman, who could pop 30 home runs in a season, but again, that's not his game. The surgery just means he'll hit a few more home runs. Other than that, it'll just be business as usual. He'll continue getting on base for the guys behind him, except he'll hit closer to 15 home runs and 100 RBI's instead of 9 hr's and 84 RBI's.

Here's what Pedroia had to say:

“I feel great," Pedroia said on WEEI. "I’ve been probably doing a little bit more than I’€™m supposed to do, but I feel great, man. I haven’€™t had a setback one time. Gripping stuff is not a problem, swinging a bat is not a problem, catching a ball is not a problem. So I’€™m excited, man, this is good.”

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