Can Sizemore Bring a Bit of Crazy

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Eric D. Schabell
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What can we expect?

From a player that has not played on a regular basis since 2009.

Think about that, four whole seasons where he has not participated for any real length of time at the Major League level.

Rob Bradford over at was unable to find a player in the past that had missed that kind of time due to injuries and come back to perform at the same level.

Not one.

Can Grady Sizemore do this?

At 31 years of age the odds are against him, but the Red Sox have made a calculated bet. At the risk of $750,000 with incentives that can push the deal up to $6 million, the Red Sox don't have much to lose and a lot to gain.

He spoke with reporters after his arrival at JetBlue Park for Spring Training about how he was feeling 100% healthy but that he expected some adjustment problems, "It's all going to be bad early. Not bad, but it's going to be rusty. Any offseason you come in you feel rusty, but when you haven't played in two years and the better part of four years you've been injured … Timing is going to be off. It's going to be tough."

The questions continued.

Q: Can you play center field?

A: "I'm willing to play anywhere."

Q: Are you as fast as you used to be?

A: "I hope so, we'll see. I still feel like I have the speed. It's one of those things where it's more durability. Can you put it together every day?"

Q: Will you be ready to start spring training on time?

A: "We'll see. I don't know if I'll be ready in the first game, but I think I'll be pretty close if it's not right there."

Q: How were able to stay sane over the past few seasons?

A: "There is no way to do it. You basically go insane. I'm a pretty calm guy so I wasn't bouncing off the walls or anything. You're frustrated. You're upset. You're not in a good place."

The Red Sox are looking for a good kind of crazy from Grady Sizemore, the kind that makes him work hard at trying to disprove everyone and everything.

He needs to bring a bit of crazy to work every day to shine like the bright five tool star that he has been in the past.

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