Fiddledeedee Fiddledum, Drew Ho-hum

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Eric D. Schabell
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He is down on his knees.

He is not out, but he is also not at any Spring Training camps yet.

He has Scott Boras on the case.

Where does that leave Stephen Drew?


It is a saga of a story, going on for some time with his agent repeatedly seeding stories about how much interest there is for Stephen Drew.

Let's sum this up for you and put it into perspective on where we are at with Stephen Drew.

Andrew Marchand wrote it up a few days ago for ESPN, stating that "...a source told ESPN New York the Yankees still aren't interested in Drew. It didn't sound as if they are going to change their minds, either."

Yankees are out.

Buster Olney was on M&M show last week and stated his thoughts, "Drew might make sense to the Pirates. but they’re just philosophically not going to give up a draft pick." Later he mentioned, "If you’re Drew, your best play might be to sit back and wait and see if some shortstop gets hurt someplace on a good team."

Ouch, so the draft pick compensation means the Pirates are out.

Mets beat writer Marc Craig tweeted this.

He followed up yesterday with an article stating that, "According to a source, a significant gap remains in terms of both years and money, with the Mets hesitant to offer anything more than a one-year commitment."

With the Mets electing to go with Ruben Tejada who showed up early to Spring Training, the Mets are out.

Darren Wolfson at 1500ESPN covers the Twins position, stating that they have plenty of payroll but are not willing to give the asking price. He writes that Stephen Drew, "...would have to lower demands for the Twins to be interested." Also contrary to a previous indication, a source said the Twins haven't spoken with Katz or Boras for a while, probably as they would have to give up their second round draft pick for Drew.

The Twins are out.

The best news for Red Sox Nation is that Xander Bogaerts is working out exclusively at shortstop right now. Manager John Farrell mentioned to the Boston Globe that, "...the Red Sox would have to move on at some point soon out of respect to Xander Bogaerts..."

So we wait, wonder, and ponder where will Stephen Drew end up?

Good chance that the Yankees change their minds and pull him in, adding another World Series Red Sox to their lineup this offseason.

Also a chance that he bends and decides to sign with the Red Sox for a single year deal, throwing a wrench in the works for all the fans awaiting Xander Bogaerts appearance at shortstop.

Fiddledeedee Fiddledum, where will Drew end up?

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