Spend or not to spend? What to do with Dempster's money.

Ryan MacLeod (RyanMacleod15)
Contributing Writer

With Ryan Dempster announcing that he would not be pitching for the Boston Red Sox this coming season it frees up $13.25 million for whatever the Red Sox want to do with this money. So what should the management decide to do with this sudden increase of money? Let us examine a few possible options:

Why spend money when the team does not need to go buy someone. The Red Sox thought that they were going to head into spring training with 6 starters fighting for 5 starting spots in the rotation. Now we know the members of the starting rotation, and they do not include Dempster. If the team was left with 4 starters it would be logical for the Red Sox to go get someone to replace him but because of the pitching depth there is no need for this. No need, don't spend.

Offer Lester a contract:
With Jon Lester entering his final year under contract with the Red Sox, now is the perfect time to sign him to a long term deal. Lester is currently 30 years old and is the ace of the Sox pitching rotation. He has stated his desire to stay with the organization long term and has even gone on the record saying that he will take a "hometown discount" to stay in Boston. If Lester does not sign a deal by the end of spring training it is likely that he will not sign a deal until the off season. Lester should not have to worry about signing a contract and he should focus on pitching. Use the extra money to give him a long term, lucrative contract and make both the fans and Lester happy.

Offer Ortiz a contract:
David Ortiz wants to be in Boston, and Boston wants him to stay. Adding an extra year onto a contract will make Ortiz happy, and the money would have been spent this year anyways. Make Ortiz happy and keep him in Boston. For a lengthier debate about an Ortiz contract, click here.

Sign Stephen Drew:
It been an ongoing battle all off season between Drew and the Red Sox with money being the biggest factor. Drew will be starting to get desperate as spring training is approaching with all teams reporting in the next week. If money was a problem, money is no longer an issue, with $13.25 million now on the table. Give Drew the money and let him solidify the middle of the infield for the upcoming season.

All 4 of these options look good to me. What would you like the Red Sox to do with the money? Leave your answer below in the comments section or tweet at me.