New Season, New Look

Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

The best part of the 2013 season was how the team came together with such wonderful, shall we say, antics?

There were events that brought them together, such as the Boston Marathon bombing.

The Red Sox team did use this to pull together in the theme of Boston Strong, but there was something even more endearing when they all started to grow beards.

The all new Jonny Gomes.
Not just a dusting of facial hair, but full blown mountain man, weeks in the bush, trappers beards. This 2013 theme was lead by Jonny Gomes, who had a vicious beard by the time the season ended.

With the World Series in the bag, rings ordered, the Red Sox arriving for Spring Training in Florida, the clubhouse beard leader made the announcement at a Red Sox 'town hall' event at Northeastern University, "The beard's coming off."

Right after the season ended David Ortiz and Shane Victorino buzzed theirs for charity.

David Ross shaved his before arrival at Spring Training.

Jonny Gomes did a wonderful job of shaving his back a bit (video) before cleaning the rest off before reporting to Spring Training. He has changed so much without the beard that you might not even recognize him anymore, so we wanted to provide you with a picture.

So what will be the antics or theme of the 2014 Boston Red Sox?

David Ross put it nicely, "Who knows what it's going to be? That's Jonny Gomes' department."

There is one hold out though, one guy that won't go near a razor.

He is the one wrench in the works and there is always the one...

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