Rays create internet buzz...with a Joe Maddon Mr. Potato Head

Sam Galanis
Contributing Writer

Photo courtesy of the Tampa Bay Rays
Do you ever look at your regular old Mr. Potato Head and think, “Man, I wish he looked more like Joe Maddon?” If so, then you’re in some oddly-specific luck!

The Rays announced Tuesday that one of their giveaways will be a Joe Maddon Mr. Potato Head doll. If you go to the game on August 2 and are one of the first 20,000 fans in line (does attendance at Tropicana Field even hit 20,000?), then one of those puppies will be yours.

Regardless of whether or not you like the Rays, you have to admit that that really is the spitting image of Maddon. You may even secretly want one (I certainly do). However, if you can’t make that game, you could always settle for the giveaway the night before it: a set of two Joe Maddon wine glasses.

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