Boy who was Lester's World Series inspiration deemed cancer free

Ben Whitehead
Contributing Writer

It is only just a game.

In the end, we all must remind ourselves that, that it is only just a game. For Jon Lester, he's reminded of that every day.

Lester is an inspiration to many people in Red Sox Nation and across the country. Not only is he a professional athlete performing on the highest stage, but he's doing so just years after defeating cancer at an early age.

Congratulations, Zein, from all of us here at Red Sox Life.
(Photo tweeted by Jon Lester)
So, Lester makes it a point to visit children in hospitals when the Sox travel as part of his NVRQT foundation and campaign. These children are his inspiration. And one, like Lester, has now beaten the ugly disease.

Lester tweeted out a few days ago that he received "the best news," when Zein Youssef, a boy whom Lester met last August, finished his treatments and is cancer free.

Zein, from Los Angeles, met Lester when the Red Sox played the Dodgers, and asked him if cancer was "hard." Lester responded in the best possible way, saying, "Yes, it is hard, but at the end, it's all worth it."

A huge congrats goes out to Zein and all cancer survivors. The disease has taken too many lives of our families, friends and other loved ones. For this young boy to have battled at such a young age and beaten cancer is (hopefully) the biggest obstacle he'll ever have to face. And to overcome it is the biggest accomplishment he could have.

Zein was mentioned on the Fox broadcast during the World Series when Joe Buck, Tim McCarver and Ken Rosenthal spoke of Lester's inspirational meeting with the boy. You can read more about their bond here.

Below are the tweets from Lester:

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