Ellsbury talks time with Sox

Photo form NESN
Conor Frederick (@CJFSoxFan1016)
Contributing Writer
Jacoby Ellsbury did not play in yesterday's Red Sox - Yankees Spring Training match up, but he had plenty to say about his former team, according to NESN.

“It will be the first time in nine years since I wore the uniform, seven in the big leagues. It will be a little different looking across,” Ellsbury told reporters before BP, via The Boston Globe. “I’ll see a lot of familiar faces. Obviously the coaches will make the trip, so I’ll see a lot of those guys and say hello to them. It was a great time, a great seven years that I spent there.”

Wait, there's more. While Ellsbury did speak fondly of his time in Boston, saying that he would have returned, he also told WEEI that things with the Yankees moved fast and he was drawn in by the "chance to win championships."

“It happened pretty quick,” said Ellsbury. “Play deep, winning the World Series, you go play an extra month, then free agency hits, you start talking to teams, it was exciting when they made the offer, I saw what they were doing, their history, a chance to win right away, a chance to win championships. That was the biggest thing that was appealing.”

I don't doubt his sincerity...OK, that's not entirely true, but not about the "great memories" part. The "chance to win right away part" is what I have my doubts about. He could have stayed here and still had "a chance to win right away." Did we or did we not just win the World Series? Since 2001, only the Red Sox (3), San Francisco Giants (2), and St. Louis Cardinals (2) have multiple championships. The Yankees have 1 in that time span (2009). Before that, their last title was in 2000. And spending nearly $500 million in all the wrong places is not a winning formula. The Yankees still have plenty of glaring holes, i.e. their whole infield.

No one would deny his role in bringing 2 championships to Boston, but if he wants any more, he chose the wrong place.

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