No concern here for Felix Doubront despite rough outing

John Farrell (pictured) and pitching coach Juan Nieves will
work to fix Felix Doubront's pitching issues.
(Photo courtesy of AP)
Ben Whitehead
Contributing Writer

Felix Doubront had a sub-par outing against the New York Yankees Tuesday. Well, sub-par might be giving him too much credit.

Doubront was roughed up for seven runs on 10 hits with three walks in just over three innings. He chalked it up to it being just "one of those days." Manager John Farrell hinted that Doubront may have a tired arm.

Whatever it is, the question now becomes, is this cause for concern for the young lefty?

Most signs point to "no." Doubront has shown over his short time in the majors that he has and can battle adversity. Last spring, he was deemed out-of-shape when he entered camp. He answered critics with an 11-6 season, a career-best 4.32 ERA and played a critical role out of the bullpen during the postseason.

In other words, don't expect this to bring him down. It's still early in camp and Doubront is working out the kinks of an offseason. He's in an ideal situation with the veterans on staff and the knowledge bestowed upon him from Farrell and pitching coach Juan Nieves. Any issues with mechanics or release points, to which Doubront attributed Tuesday's outing, can be fixed with a few quick bullpen sessions.

The Red Sox rotation should once again be a strength this season and Doubront will be a big part of that.

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