Big Papi on Homer Rampage

Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

Last night he stepped into the box against the same Minnesota Twins that he took yard twice the night before.

David Ortiz bared down on the pitcher and promptly bashed his 383th homer in a Boston uniform, moving past Hall of Famer Jim Rice for sole possession of third place on the all-time club list.

Next up is Carl Yastrzemski at 452.

Then Ted Williams with an all time high of 521 homers.

He is currently 38 and would project to having to play until 40 years old to catch the leader in this category, Ted Williams at 521 home runs.

It was his 438th career homer, tying Andre Dawson and Jason Giambi for 40th all-time.

Later in the game he blasted his second homer, the 442nd in his career, tying him with Dave Kingman for 39th on the all-time list.

The fact that Ortiz's latest power barrage occurred in Minneapolis was somehow fitting, given that the Twins infamously released him after the 2002 season.

Keeping with tradition his home run trot was 30.21 seconds.

That is the fourth plus 30 second trot, but the fastest home run trot this year.

Maybe he is getting in shape to break the 30 second barrier?

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