Overseas Fan's Enjoy as Romance Grows

Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

Spring is in the air.

Little birds are singing in the trees.

Flowers are budding.

Slowly (some of) the days are getting warmer.

Time for a quirky, not so serious topic as we look into a growing romance within the Red Sox Nation.

A little background first, for some might be wondering why an Overseas Fan would be interested in something that might seem a little mundane for the local Boston media market. It all stems from the overseas public being a bit different and not exposed to the amount of socialite journalism that is covering the entertainment industry in the USA.

Funny enough, this seems to have led to a large interest in watching reality TV.

Shows around a group being locked up in a house, a group dropped on an island with no food together, following some form of has been celebrity in their daily lives, to even the extremes of dating shows where candidates are dropped on tropical islands with no clothes at all (really, not making this up).

What does this mean for an Overseas Fan?

Within the baseball team that we love and follow from afar, there was a small reality show that kicked off last year around Will Middlebrooks and the lovely Jenny Dell. A short recap to bring you up to date.

She is the beautiful, local girl who became the face of the Red Sox on the field for NESN, reporting games and facts live all around the ballparks where the Red Sox played. She was and is loved by fans young and old, both inside baseball and out as she reports on more than just the Red Sox in the off season.

He is the young talent that was making a name for himself by breaking into the Red Sox lineup at third base. A good defensive player with growing power and talent at the plate. He won a World Series ring last year and this year has become the starting third baseman.

Somewhere down the line during the 2013 season they became a couple.

This was a conflict of interest and NESN resolved it with Jenny Dell by quietly moving her out of her Red Sox reporting duties.

Luckily this was not the end of everything.

He took her along to the White House visit this spring.

She is part of the Red Sox wives and girlfriends photos.

We are not sure, you have to look really close at the screen, but are they keeping in touch over the internet while apart?

She was in Pawtucket supporting him while on a rehab assignment for his strained calf muscle last month.

After the rain out of the Red Sox game yesterday, she produced this home cooked meal.

You know when a woman cooks for you that things are going really well.

Overseas Fans everywhere are watching this evolve over time and are happy to see that both are having a really good time both on and off the field.

This is on like Donkey Kong.

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