#TBT - the best of 2004

Photo from Boston.com
Conor Frederick (@C_Frederick1016)
Contributing Writer

Since the Red Sox honored the 2004 champs before the game, I took the time out to scour Youtube to find the best moments from the 2004 playoff run in a special Throwback Thursday: Red Sox Life style.

Here are, in no particular order, the 4 best moments from the 04 run, starting with "The Steal."

As the Red Sox mounted their historic comeback against New York, you could sense the frustration going for the Yankees, and nowhere was this more evident than "The Slap."

And of course, our big money signing of the offseason came up in a big way as part of that comeback. I'm talking about one Curt Schilling and his bloody sock in game 6. Here are highlights of said game 6. Schilling would also pitch in game 2 against the Cardinals on the Bloody Sock.

"Back to Foulke. Red Sox fans have longed to hear it - the Boston Red Sox are WORLD CHAMPIONS!" Is there anything more that needs to be said?

Anything I missed or you think should be on this list, let me know.