3 outfielders Red Sox should own

Who should the Red Sox put here?
Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

The talk lately is that the Red Sox could be, should be, would be sellers with almost no chance of climbing back into contention for the 2014 season.

What would that look like if the Red Sox were really go for it and sell the farm so to speak?

Come along for the ride as we go outfielder shopping at the All-Star Game.

What would be the three outfielders that would turn this thing around, if there were no limits and the current owners would be willing to part with them.

With talent loaded in the farm system, the Red Sox should own the following three outfielders should they elect to sell the farm.

With four and a half years left on his current contract at $6MM per year, it would take a hell of a deal to get this one, but we can dream of him dancing circles around Shane Victorino and throwing out all runners trying to stretch a double into a triple at Fenway?

Ok, maybe not.

How about adding this one to the roster in 2015?

Hunter Pence has just been extended for 5 years with the Giants at $90MM dollars, which means it would have to be a pretty amazing construction for that deal to happen. It would not seem likely that the Giants like to part with something that big in trade for some prospects like Jackie Bradley Jr. for example.

Would they be willing to eat some of that salary?

A real target for the Red Sox with a one year $6.5MM dollar deal running out in Miami this year, he is someone we would love to watch not only mash homers over the Green Monster, but over the parking garage behind it.

If the Red Sox sell the farm, who knows what glory might be won in the outfield.

Who would be your outfielders if you sold the farm?

We can dream right?

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